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The Health and Fitness Forum website wants to highlight authors, naturopaths, medical doctors and more.  We want to  show our appreciation for some of the outstanding leaders in health.   We have learned so much from reading books and listening to these leaders knowledge and research.

Dan Solloway, MSS/MFS/PH.D - Dan Solloway is an international lecturer, author, and personal trainer. Dan is the author of a 400 page textbook for the International Sports Science Association written for a certification course to certify personal trainers, physical therapists, and doctors worldwide. Dan has 11 U.S. patents in the area of exercise equipment, and he is the creator of the Hydrotone Fitness and Therapy System.

Dan has worked with many professional athletes including: John McEnroe, Bo Jackson, and Hershel Walker, as well as being a consultant for pro-teams like the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, Chicago White Sox, and the St. Louis Cardinals. Tom Selleck, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise and many more Movie Stars have also utilized Dan's program. Dan's primary focus in the past was on sports conditioning and rehabilitation but now his emphasis is on the utilization of super supplementation to enhance health and vitality, to assist the reversing of the aging process, and to help achieve permanent fat loss and the gain of lean muscle.

You can hear Dan's Health and Fitness radio show locally in Oklahoma, parts of Texas and Kansas on 1520 AM
KOKC every Saturday and Sunday morning from 10 to 11 AM
Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith- Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith co-wrote "Colostrum Mother Nature's Healthy Alternative For Every Generation" and wrote "The Colostrum Miracle: The Anti-Aging Super Food That Can Boost Immunity and Prevent Premature Aging".
Dr Anthony Kleinsmith's products with the Immune-Tree seal has consistently provided the highest quality available - surpassing that of other products in existence, then and now. Immune Tree (with the Immune-Tree seal) colostrum is produced in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP). It is taken from USDA Grade A, veterinary cows and exceeds organic standards with a zero tolerance for antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and other contaminants.   He recently introduced a new line of weightloss products. See more about these products here.

Dr. Cass Ingram - North American Herb and Spice.  Dr. Cass Ingram is one of the world's leading experts in natural remedies and the antimicrobial effectiveness of wild oregano and other spice oils. Dr. Ingram holds a Doctor of Osteopathy from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, and is the author of 15 books including, "The Cure Is In The Cupboard", "How to Eat Right and Live Longer", and more like "Natural Cures for Killer Germs". Dr. Ingram headed a study which demonstrated that medicinal Oil of Oregano extracts inhibited the corona virus, the virus responsible for atypical pneumonia as well as the common cold. For more information on his books, and research please visit http://www.oreganol.com

Jacob Teitelbaum author of the book "From Fatigued To Fantastic".Dr. Teitelbaum is the Director of The Annapolis Center For Effective CFS/Fibromyalgia (FMS) Therapies. Chris Chase with Pionair Air Filtration Systems.  Clean air is just as important as healthy body.  We love our Pionair systems!  Click here for more information and to order your Pionair Air Filtration System.

Robert G. Smith
"Skills to Change"  Learn how your life can be enriched by Robert's "skills to change".  For more information, click here.
Robert C. Atkins, MD author "Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution"

Michael Eades, MD  wrote "The Protein Power Lifeplan" Burton Goldberg Ph.D.,  publisher of "Alternative Medicine"

Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D on parasites Dr. Fred Hatfield (known as Dr. Squat)

Christian Allen, PhD  co-wrote "Life Without Bread" Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD  who wrote "The Wrinkle Cure"

Dan Haley author of  "Politics in Healing" Jay Patrick, Alacer Corporation formulator of Emergen-C

Duane O'Kane  from the Clear Mind Institute Bruce Fife, ND, author/publisher  "The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil"

Kevin Negrete manufacturer of Cellfood products Bob Bremner  on the benefits of SangoCal Coral Calcium

Keith Moeller  manufacturer of The New Silver Solution Dr. Stephen Holt, MD  on Syndrome X

Dr. Pedro Gismondi MD - Dr. Gismondi was trained in Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He later completed specialty Fellowships in Rheumatology at Indiana University and the Emory Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Gismondi was born in Peru, South America, and married a Georgia “peach”, Glenda. They live in northwest Oklahoma City. They have three grown children, Mark and his wife Tammy, Michael, and Matthew.  He created Arthritis Rub for his patients.

Doug Kaufmann
is a nationally recognized author, lecturer, television and radio host with more than 30 years experience in health media with recent books "Maximum Fertility" and "What Makes Bread Rise".  The "Fungus Link" is now a classic in its field with more than 100,000 copies sold.  Doug maintains and educates, based on his nutritional research and experience, that most of today's health problems can be traced to fungus and resulting mycotoxins.

Doug Kaufmann author of many other books including:
"The Fungus Link 2" ; 
"The Germ that Causes Cancer"  ; "Infectious Diabetes"  ; "Initial Phase Diet Magnet" ; and more

Dr. McGee  author of "Heart Fraud" Dr. Fred Pescatore, MD  author of "Thin for Good" and 
"Feed Your Kids Well"

Jeff Green director of the San Diego-based "Citizens for Safe Drinking Water" Udo Erasmus author of "Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill"

Dr. Deborah Banker, MD - eye exercises Dr. David Wickenheiser, Biological Aging

Dr. Fred Luskin author of "Forgive for Good" Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink, ND on women's issues

Brad King   "Fat Wars" Kathleen Duell "Cancer Cover Up"

Richard Shames, M.D. and 
Karilee Shames R.N., Ph.D - "Thyroid Power"
Polly Schneider Traylor-"Kicking the
Ritalin Habit"

Thomas Stone, ND, CN - co-wrote "MODERN FOODS The Sabotage of Earth's Food Supply" Charles Strand
"All About Water"  Click here for article.

Thomas Smith - author of "Insulin Our Silent Killer" Mark Sisson - manufacturer of Damage Control products (Primal Nutrition)

Barry Sears - author of "The Zone Diet" and "The RX Omega Diet" Dr. Elaine Ferguson on Omega 3

"The Killers Within: The Deadly Rise of Drug-Resistant Bacteria" is a horror story that just happens to be true, and a book that nobody can afford to ignore.  In The Killers Within, Shnayerson and Plotkin have crafted a gripping narrative that reads like a thriller.  by Michael Shnayerson and Mark J. Plotkin

Dr. Decker Weiss  NMD, AACVPR - Dr. Weiss is considered an expert in integrative cardiology. He is the first naturopathic physician to complete a conventional residency program in the Columbia Hospital System, the Arizona Heart Hospital and the prestigious Arizona Heart Institute. Dr. Weiss has a unique perspective in that he has experience with both naturopathic and conventional practice.
Mary Brewer from Wyldewood Cellars on the benefits of their famous Elderberry Juice.  The Elderberry Juice Concentrate made by Wyldewood Cellars is the only pure concentrate of Elderberry being marketed at this time – with no added sugar, alcohol, or additives. The overwhelming evidence of health improvements with Elderberry is very gratifying to everyone who helped create the concentrate. John Brewer was originally a research scientist – with a Doctorate degree. He developed the Concentrate primarily to make the benefits of Elderberry available in an affordable form for everyone.

Dr. Howard Hagglund, MDPhysician/owner of a large medical clinic in Norman, OK. Charter member of the National Association of Physician Broadcasters. Has hosted and also made guest appearances on several TV and radio talk shows on general medical questions and allergies. He is a 1961 Graduate University of Omaha. A Graduate of University of Nebraska Medical School in 1965. His internship was L.D.S. Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah. Combines residency and teaching program, University of Oklahoma. He has Fellowships in the American Academy of Family practitioners and American Academy of Environmental Medicine. He is licensed to practice in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. Author. Dr. Jordan Rubin N.M.D., Ph.D. - author of "The Makers Diet" Jordan was diagnosed at age 19 with Crohn's-Colitis, an "incurable" inflammatory disease of the bowel. His weight plummeted from 180 lbs to 104 lbs at a height of 6'1" and he was bedridden for almost two years.  Today, after being diagnosed with an "incurable disease", he has no trace of the disease that almost cost him his life. Jordan weighs 190 pounds and is very healthy and active. He exhibits no symptoms of the disease that almost took his life. Jordan is now a certified nutritional consultant and a certified personal fitness instructor.

Dr. Rosedale was founder of the Rosedale Center, co-founder of the Colorado Center for Metabolic Medicine (Boulder, CO) and founder of the Carolina Center of Metabolic Medicine (Asheville, NC). Through these centers, he has helped hundreds suffering from so-called incurable diseases to regain their health. One of Dr. Rosedale’s life goals is to wipe out type II diabetes in this country as a model for the world. He is also in the final stages of publishing a new book on his proven treatment methods for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases of aging.

Ron Rosedale is a nationally known expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine whose work with diabetics is truly groundbreaking. Very few physicians have had such consistent success in helping diabetics to eliminate or reduce their need for insulin and to reduce heart disease—both without drugs or surgery.

Larry Altshuler, M.D., a board certified internist since 1979, who founded Balanced Healing Medical Center in 1998.  Dr. Altshuler is the author of "Balanced Healing".  He combines modern medicine with safe and effective alternative treatments.

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