Lepti-Trim 6 Accelerated, a revolutionary new concept
in weight management"
(formerly known as Body By Design or Slim Factors
now with the Immune Tree label)
manufactured by
Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith of
Immune Tree
Lepti Trim 6 Accelerated Daytime formula

In 1994, researchers discovered a small hormone-like protein called leptin, that orchestrates the metabolism of fat and suppresses appetite. By the year 2000, researchers had uncovered the process by which leptin, working in conjunction with IgF-1 and other natural co-factors, can help restore fat cells to their normal size and increase the rate of thermogenesis. Both leptin and IgF-1 are found in complete colostrum, along with an array of co-factors that work together to reduce body fat and build lean muscle. Lepti-Trim combines enhanced levels of leptin and IgF-1, with additional co-factors to promote healthy fat and inch loss.

Its use appears to be particularly suitable for people who're at a weight-loss plateau; who desire to alter their bodily composition from fat to lean muscle; and for anyone who has had difficulty losing weight due to an uncontrollable appetite.

IgF-1 - Directs metabolic Processes:
Burns Fat
Balances blood sugar
Builds lean muscle
Works with leptin to inhibit fat synthesis
Leptin (from the Greek word, Leptos - meaning thin)

Orchestrates the use of fats:
Accelerates fat breakdown
Controls appetite
Initiates weight loss
Helps regulate pituitary and thyroid functions

Co-factors-dozens of co-factors work with IgF-1 and Leptin to:
Stimulate thermogenesis - the burning of fat
Curb excessive appetite and cravings
Overcome insulin resistance
Prevent caloric storage as fat

Finally, science has found a safe, natural way to lose inches and fat, without stimulants - and it WORKS - Guaranteed! You're going to love the new YOU!


For best results, we encourage the use of  Lepti-Trim Meal Replacement Shakes

Manufactured and formulated by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith of Immune Tree research and development
(formerly known as NQI Body By Design or Slim Factors)
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