LeptiTrim6 Chocolate and Vanilla Shakes
Immune Tree Dr Anthony Kleinsmith

LeptiTrim6 Chocolate and Vanilla Shakes
Immune Tree Dr Anthony Kleinsmith

shake Lepti-Trim6 Meal Replacement Shakes with Leptin (formerly Body By Design Meal Replacement or Slim Factors)
An easy meal replacement.  Includes ingredients and nutrition to help metabolize fat, improve muscle tone, curb cravings and provide energy... for inch-loss beyond the power of the capsules alone. It's like getting a "Slim boost" several times during the day.  Lepti-Trim™ also contains : Complete protein, Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Minerals and antioxidants for a truly complete meal.  Comes in Vanilla and Chocolate.
Lepti-Trim6 Meal Replacement Shakes with Leptin can be an important part of your overall weight-management strategy especially if you are committed to weight loss and reducing calories; increasing your protein intake while lowering your carbs; and building and reshaping your body into the slim person you know and you can be. 

The LeptiTrim6 Chocolate  and Vanilla Shakes are another "tasty" tool in your war chest for long-term, successful inch loss. Mix two to three scoops in 8-10 oz of water, milk, or your favorite liquid. Or blend it with frozen fruits and create your very own smoothie.

With 27 grams of protein per serving and a natural substance called "Leptin", found within the Colostrum6. Leptin literally works on shrinking fat cells among other things. 

By providing proteins and building blocks in a delicious liquid meal, this helps your body overcome some of the underlying roadblocks to long-term successful Inch Loss. 

Potential Benefits May Include:

  • Inch Loss
  • Underlying Lean Muscle Gain
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Better Mental Clarity
  • Tightening of Skin
  • Anti-Aging

What makes this such a powerful formula?

Colostrum Powder: 

A natural source of the IGF super family and the hormone-like protein leptin. Both Leptin and the IGFs increase the body’s ability to metabolize excess energy stored in adipose tissue (to burn fat) and control appetite inducing hormones; for a leaner body and a stronger will to control what you eat.

A summary of IGF-1 and Leptin:

IGF-1 aids the body by:

• regulates energy utilization in the body

• metabolizes fats

• builds lean muscle

• reduces insulin resistance in the overweight person

• balances blood sugar levels

Leptin benefits the body by:

• regulating food intake

• enhances fat metabolism

• aids the Thyroid Gland

• increases thermogenesis

• works with IGF-1 to build lean muscle, balance blood sugar and overcome insulin resistance

Alpha Lipoic Acid: 

Superb Antioxidant that helps slow aging, repairs liver damage and reduce the risk of Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: 

Increases the use of fat as a source of energy. It prevents fatty build up - especially in the heart, liver and skeletal muscles. Since it is involved in fat metabolism, carnitine helps to lower triglycerides and support weight loss.

CLA (65%): 

Is a fatty acid, which affects fat metabolism and is being shown to influence the balance between fats and muscle. 

Garcinia Cambogia (65%):

A plant that c

ontains the active ingredient known as HCA (hydroxycitric acid), which naturally curbs excessive appetite and prevents the body from turning extra calories into fat. It supports the storage of glycogen in the liver and muscles rather than as fat and activates thermogenesis for the burning of excess fat.


Contain natural, bulk producing, soluble dietary fiber derived from fruit and plants. Provides the benefits of hemicelluloses (gum and pectin) and polysaccharides, which are so important for maintaining the proper pace and bulk required for healthy digestive function. 

Whey Protein Concentrate: 

The highest-quality protein known to science. Enhances anabolism. Stimulates the release of the hormone glucagon, which stimulates fat burning. Enhances lean muscle development and also reduces appetite.


Vital to hair growth. Has a calming effect and helps to reduce cholesterol levels. Helps prevent hardening of the arteries, aids the metabolism of fat from the liver. 



ound in fruits and crustiferous vegetables. It is used as a natural sweetener, and is sweeter than sugar cane.

Natural Flavors: 

Vanilla and Chocolate.


300 times sweeter that sugar and offers no side effects.

Suma (Pfaffia paniculata)

Is an adaptogenic herb from the Amazon rain forest, also known as “Brazilian Ginseng”. It helps with a wide variety of conditions, ranging from arthritis to weight loss; to natives of Brazil it is known as Para Toda (which means “for everything”). One of the active ingredients, betaecdysterone, is highly anabolic and has been used by athletes to increase muscle building and endurance. Suma contains 19 different amino acids, a large 

number of electrolytes, and many trace minerals, including a high content of the mineral germanium, which accounts for its properties as an oxygenator at the cellular level. Other active compounds include plant sterols, which support the immune system.


Is a building block for all other amino acids. It is also a key component of bile, which is needed for the digestion of fats, the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and the control of serum cholesterol levels. Taurine is vital for the utilization of several minerals including calcium and magnesium.


Helps to build lean muscle, (it is the basis for the building blocks that synthesize DNA and RNA.) Glutamine is important for dieters and body builders to prevent muscle breakdown and is involved in maintaining a proper acid/alkaline balance in the body.

Plus Minerals at 50% of the Daily needs and Vitamins also at 35% of the Daily needs.

For best results, we encourage the use of  Lepti-Trim6 Daytime Capsules and  

|Lepti-Trim6 NightTime|  

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(formerly known as NQI Body By Design or Slim Factors; now with the original Immune Tree label but always manufactured by Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith of Immune Tree research and development)

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