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Todd Christensen's Story

An 11-year NFL veteran (1978-88), Christensen established him as one of the most prolific tight ends in league history. His career stats of 461 receptions, 5,874 yards and 52 TDs included 392 receptions from 1983-86, the greatest four-year total in NFL history. He was a five-time All-Pro pick (1983-87), and led the NFL in receiving in 1983 & '86. He was also a member of the Raiders' Super Bowl champion squads in 1981 (XV) & `84 (XVIII).

On October 9th of the year 2000 I was diagnosed after some internal difficulties with something called primary schlerosing cholangitis. This is somewhat of a dibilitating disease and at the time I was somewhat disconcerted simply because of the fact that anywhere from 8-12 years I was faced with having a liver transplant. Now while we're in the technologically advanced age and that should not be as upsetting as it could be, it still was simply because of the fact that this was something that was beyond my control and frankly beyond the control of the doctors which I found inexcusable.

So as a result of that I decided to be a little more proactive and not trust completely in the physician's care but rather do some things that I thought might certainly benefit my system. So six days after that initial diagnosis, my sister-in-law, Deborah Noorlander, had mentioned to me that she had had some friends and acquaintances that had some success with something called Coral Calcium

Frankly, I didn't have a lot to lose so I opted to take this product, in addition to altering my diet and consuming large quantities of water and continuing an exercise program that is quite stringent but in the realm of my capabilities. After 2 months on the product my blood test which had revealed a high level of acidity had plateaued. At the time I hardly rejoiced but certainly at that point that things were seemingly going in a positive direction.

When I was most excited would have been on March 15th, exactly 5 months from the beginning of taking this product. When I took my blood tests for my liver diagnostics as well as the LDLs, HDLs and those things of a lipid nature, with the exception of one category, everything was normal! At this point in time, that is not something that should have come to fruition but in realty did. So certainly at that point I was much more joyous than I had been in the past and certainly more optimistic about how this could proceed. 

Now having said that, I would be remiss if I didn't mention at this point I am certainly not out of the woods where my problems are concerned. But as a result of the products that I have taken in this period of time, most prominantly, I would have to say Coral Calcium, I am in the right direction health wise. So I am anticipating in the 3-5 months if I have a similar improvement where everything retains itself in the norm, it could be, as I have discussed with some of the physicians, the idea that the original diagnosis could indeed be incorrect and something could be mimicking that. And if indeed Coral Calcium is contributing to the regression of the disease than I have many people to thank. And at this point I am certainly optimisitic that this is well within the realm of possibility that that could come to fruition.

So I am somebody who is very grateful for the opportunity to take this product because it has been beneficial and I hope that down the line I can be one of those that jumps up and down and pays homage to the healing prospect of this and it's totality. And as I say at this point in time, that is my hope and that is what I'm optimistic for. And could certainly encourage any of you people who are debating as to whether this is a legitimate product, simply based on what has happened to me over the last 5 months, I would certainly have to give it a stamp of approval. And along with a proper diet and some exercise and focusing on your health this is certainly an additive that is beneficial.

Hear another story:
Since I was 16, I had bronchitus like allergies whenever around dogs and cats. I am now 31.  This was tough for me since I am a big dog lover and always wanted to have another one. I started drinking the coral in December of 2000 and within 2 weeks my allergies were gone, with the exception of a few hives. I continued drinking it and about 2 months after that I went into a pet store and there were no more hives! The  sneezing, watery eyes, scratchy throat etc are gone. Pollen and dust don't even effect me anymore. My fiance used to have problems digesting certain foods due to an ulcer. He got on the coral and one night had a big Italian dinner.  The next day I commented that he wasn't  complaining of any pain...He realized that his stomach didn't bother him and tested it again by having Italian the 2nd night. And again he was fine. He now drinks the coral every day along with a teaspoon of Silver Solution, Cellfood Silica and Cellfood. He no longer has headaches like he used to either. D. Pisacano
What more people are saying:
About a year and a half ago, I began having pain in my left shoulder. I couldn't raise my arm very high, couldn't lift or pick up anything heavy. I used Ben-gay and other oinments without relief.  About six months ago my neck and all down my left arm became very painful. I could not lie on my back or my left side. I had to lie on my right side holding my arm to help relieve some of the pain. I would get up numerous times during the night walking the floor and holdin my arm. Finally I gave in and went to see a Chiropractor. She took x-rays and told me that I had a degenerative disk in my neck that was pinching the nerve to my left arm. For two weeks she did therapy on my neck and left arm. Realizing the treatments were not helping, she suggested my going to my Dr.   My Dr. looked at the x-rays and agreed with the Chiropractor and she prescribed Steroids for six days. If that didn't help, the only alternative was surgery. And I thought,"or a miracle." God answered prayer. A friend called and invited my husband to a meeting. I went along reluctantly. I had tried othr products with little or no success.  I heard testimonies of people being helped with Coral Calcium. Three days later I decided to give the Coral Calcium a try. On September 2, 1999, I started taking Coral Calcium. The first week I didn't notice any difference. By the second week the pain in my neck and left shoulder was gone. By the end of the third week the pain in my arm was gone. I still had some tingling left in my fingers but by the end of the fourth week(Praise the Lord), it was all gone!  I feel great again, full of energy, and can rest at night. I now get a good nights sleep, which I haven't gotten in months. I will not be without Coral Calcium! Thank you Lord, Pat and thank you Coral Connection for bring Coral Calcium to us.   D. Bell 

After mononucleosis and gall bladder surgery at age 21, I went from perfect health into a chronic state of fatigue and pain. Eighteen years of conventional and alternative care and a strict healthy diet did nothing to alleviate my condition.

At age 39 things went from bad to worse. My chronic fatigue further degenerated into fibromyalgia. My legs became so weak and painful that I could hardly walk down the block. As a mother of three I was desperate for a solution. In the following 12 months, I removed all of my mercury fillings, went through chelation (IV removal of metals in tissues), received approximately 800 shots to the bone over my entire body in a matter of 4 months and worked with a nutritionist. You can only imagine the disappointment of investing thousands of dollars with no result to show for it.

In December of 2000 I recieved a phone call from a woman at my clinic who informed me of a natural product, coral calcium, that alleviated most of her pain. I was skeptical but desperate to try anything. I started on a high dosage of 6 sachets of coral calcium per day to saturate my tissues. In a matter of 3 weeks my husband and I were both amazed that I was walking pain-free! I also noticed that after only 5 days, my irritated gums which would not accept a crown for over 2 years became pain-free. My chronic fatigue is slowly but surely improving by the week.

I have since put my whole family on the product, my husband's soreness in his knee and elbow have disappeared and I am thrilled to know that my children are using a 100% absorbable calcium product. My only regret is that the Japanese did not share the secret of Okinawa Coral with us sooner. The best time to get on this product is when you are healthy because prevention is much easier than a cure.      S.Kulpinski, Minnesota

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1978, and along with the disease came excruciating pain.  In 1986, a pump was surgically installed in my abdomen, which put morphine into my spinal fluid 24 hours a day.  Last year, after nine times in the hospital and eight surgeries, someone introduced me to colloidal minerals which began to turn my life around, but did not alleviate the pain.  When I heard about the Coral Calcium, I thought, “How is a calcium product going to help me?”  Well, I first tried it June 24th, and it didn’t take me long to realize that this was not the run-of-the-mill calcium!  About the first of July, I realized that I had no pain!  For the first time in 19 years I can work 12 hours a day without stopping to lie down.   Dr. Bailey, Ohio

Three years ago, I fell on some ice and I broke my ankle.  I am a nurse, and last year in September after a very hard shift, I was diagnosed by a doctor as having arthritis . . . My ankle swelled up so much that I just couldn’t get around. When you work in a very busy hospital, you’ve got to keep going.  I was so surprised when in July I started on the Coral Calcium . . . I am now able to keep up with everybody else and I walk a good five to miles a day!  In September of this year, I had a doctor re-examine my leg - he was amazed to find out that I no longer have arthritis in my ankle! 
Cecelia B., Arizona

I had problems with my stomach for the past 15 years.  I would get stomach pain, gas and tenderness.  It would last 2 to 3 days at a time and usually every 2 to 3 weeks would recur.  The pains have gotten so bad that my breathing would become shallow.  After many tests, the doctors finally determined that the problems with my stomach were caused by stress, in my case anxiety.  When I was introduced to Coral Calcium the problems with my stomach settled down within 2 days and the problems have never come back.     J. Avalos, Virginia

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