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PlakMancardiovascularformulaPlak Man (TM) is a scientifically-advanced cardiovascular supplement, specially engineered to provide specific nutrients which aid and support the body in naturally and safely cleansing and detoxifying not only your cardiovascular system (heart, blood, arteries and veins), but your liver, gall bladder, lymphatic system and kidneys. Continued daily use will provide the nutrients to ensure a clear, healthy body for many years to come. 



After 3 weeks!
NeriumAD makes a difference

Nerium AD is the best new anti-wrinkle cream on the Market

  • Faster results than other creams, start seeing results in days!
  • More economical and safer than Injections, and other comparable creams
  • All Natural approach to anti-aging treatment

      Before and After using NeriumAD!
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Sanki -  Liquid Regeneration  - Try it now

Sanki’s products are formulated by a team of Japanese and European doctors, biochemists, and scientists to naturally jump start the metabolism, detoxify at the cellular level, and improve healthy cellular regeneration.  Click here for more information and to purchase yours today.
BelAge, Kronuit, Inner7

 BelAge Orisod Enzyme 111

Improves circulation for better health
Optimizes energy levels
Detoxifies the body at the cellular level
Slows down the aging process

Kronuit Oxylia NR 

Supports Weight Management
Reduces the absorption of excess sugars and carbs
Reduces the body's need to store fat
Protects the cells from free radicals

Inner 7
Balances the pH of the body

Improves intestinal passage of nutrients to the body
Balances hormones and metabolism 
(Inner 7 has the 60 necessary minerals that your body must have to be get and stay Healthy)

Liquid Regeneration! Click here.

Lepti-Trim 6 Accelerated
Immune Tree Dr Anthony Kleinsmith
formulater of leptitrim products

Lepti TrimNight Time from
Immune Tree

LeptiTrim6 Chocolate and
Vanilla Shakes Immune Tree Dr Anthony

LeptiTrim6 Chocolate and
Vanilla Shakes Immune Tree Dr Anthony

Lose the fat.  Gain the muscle.  Don't just lose the weight and look like jello.  Use our program to help trim and tone.

Matt, age 14, lost 72 inches and 32 lbs in 20 weeks.

In a clinical study of over 65 individuals, participants were shown to lose an average of 7-10 pounds over a 12 week period. That may not sound too impressive, but when you combine that with an average inch loss of 17 ˝ inches the results are astounding. To put it simply, for women that is going from a size 12 to a size 6 and for men, that's going from a size 38” to a size 32”.  And such minimal weight loss shows a greater percentage of muscle retention.    Read More>>>

Check out our Special Combo Package:   Special: Order our LeptiTrim Body combo special now! (includes 3 of our top sellers for your weightloss and inchloss. Includes 1 Daytime, 1 NightTime and 1 Shake (your choice of flavor)     These 3 products retail at $162.85 + shipping.  We want to help you save your hard earned dollars and keep your waistline trim.  Get your Special now!  Only $112.85 + $5 shipping!

Learn more about Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith's  foundational colostrum products, Immune Tree Pure First Milking Colostrum capsules, Childrens chewables and adult lozenges.  Also learn about LimuZ6 Plus and Lepti Trim weightloss and inchloss products and our top of the line, fitness formula for bodybuilders and athletes, Flex6.  Click here.
Tree Colostrum
Dr Anthony
Kleinsmith Immune
strawberry moo
chews children
Dr Anthony
Kleinsmith Immune
Pineapple Lozenges Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith LimuZ6
Plus from
Immune Tree
formulated by
Dr Anthony

Flex6 Complex
fromImmune Tree

Lepti-Trim 6
Accelerated Immune
Tree Dr Anthony
Kleinsmith formulater
of leptitrim products

Chocolate and Vanilla
Shakes Immune Tree Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith

Chocolate and Vanilla
Shakes Immune Tree Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith

Cleanse Immune Tree Dr
Anthony Kleinsmith

TrimNight Time
Immune Tree

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